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Your Inner Sparkle


This little of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…….!!!!!!!! Do you remember that song!? It never really made sense until now. We all have one though! Some may call it our inner twin, our inner spirit, our super hero, super star just whatever! It’s really just something happy! I like to call think of mine as a “Glitter Princess”.

So here it is. I am the “Princess” Of self-help books. l refuse to drain my friends, and pocket books on people to listen to me so I will drain them on my kindle. I love books though and if they help me see the light then by golly let’s do it!

I want to have a productive life. I am so tired of the negative water drowing out my sparkles and light. It kills everything. It’s like a mess of chaos. I lose at everything. I know at  41 I decided to grow up! So sad. Actually I realized it wasn’t all my fault. I had a huge awakening on 12/15/15 and I decided no more. So here I am funneling through life. I decided to fix the plumbing. If I can lose 140 lbs clear my head of negative thoughts on food. Change the way I see food. Still eat bad food, and keep my weight off then by golly I can change my thought process. I lost all that weight alone. I mean I did read lots of books. Shuffle through books and online forums and blah blah blah but you get the idea.

I still need to tone and I still to fix my thinking on my body issues so maybe this will get butt motivated to complete the rest of my goals! My inner sparkle is dying to get out! When she does come to play this Glitter Princess is so full of life and so amazing and confident.  So this blog is going to be a sparkly glitter fueled map to just that. There are so many people out there who hate themselves for no reason. There are people out there whom we think have it all and really they go home and cry…’s so sad.
I have lost out on so many years of my life and it’s time I start living. Remember ……You are worthy……You are enough…..You deserve it all…….You need to love you!





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It’s Fun To Shrink



These jeans have been at the back of my closest for a few years okay okay 5 years. I was told I wouldn’t be a 12 again. Actually they are to big lol IN thr waist.  But they will make due for awhile lol I find it funny! I donated so many clothes now I am rebuilding ….hard when you aren’t rich!


Self love

Love yourself first and foremost. No matter what anyone says never let them take away from who you are. If you like and love who you are don’t let their negative talk effect you. For so long I did. Now I live for me. I love me some me. All my weird  qualities I realize make me awesome. I stayed hidden now I shine!  It is hard I want to be loved bit not at the cost of people hurting me or putting ne down…..I like who I am. Sometimes what they do brings out some negative things that I do, but they don’t want to admit it. So I decided to set boundaries and keep them if I start showing the behavior to walk. I don’t like that about and I should not have to do,that to keep you. We all learn after a relationship ends what not to do for the next. So here I am ready to roll on. I know now that all my failed relationships are not my fault a lot was insecurities and self-esteem and I got this. Love yourself. Don’t let your goals slide for your love either.

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Today has been good! I am happy! The wonderful “M” text me trying to be but failed. He said I don’t read your texts and I don’t answer your calls and something about filing a restraining order against me. I giggled.
1. We live 2 hours away from each other now. I don’t know where he lives. So not like I am driving by or coming to his house
2. I don’t call him last time I talked to him was 8/6 after I got verbally attacked by messages,on fb and asked him to tell them to quit making fake accounts to message me and I resported,them to fb.  He called me crazy lol me but they made fake fb accounts?
3. I only text him yesterday at 2 pm to say even though you owe me what I consider a lot of money don’t worry about sending it that would mean I need to keep contact and I don’t. So forget and I am done.

I told him show the cops the text I sent and all that information I just sent they will call you coo coo and a cry baby. I think you want drama and because I don’t want you around you are looking for anger. I am done I don’t care where you are in life and what happens to you as long as you leave me alone. So go have a drink ….you are irrelevant. 

I finally stood up for myself what used to hurt my feelings made me laugh and what he said made no sense. You try be nice and they continue to try to berate you thinking you are the awful ones. He just didn’t get it. He is such a narcissistic person. He feels so remorse and sees nothing wrong in what he did.
He wrapped up me up in a drama full circle. He made fun of me he lied to me and about me. He actually had people confront me about being a joke. I have never been so humiliated. He said I was,crazy when I didn’t do anything. He made up so much stuff. It was heart breaking. For once I didn’t deserve any of this. I guess that’s why I have no emotion or feeling for him and doesn’t care what happens to him.
What’s sad is that he will eventually try to contact me. He thinks being mean to me hurts me and makes me cry and I will text and apologize not this time. After what he said and did I won’t I have nothing to apologize for. He did some things that I am trying to forgive him for. I just want him gone. He is deleted now.   I just wanted done and gave him an out thought I was being nice but sometimes no matter how nice you are people will find a,way to be vengeful.
He will see that and reflect. …..
But I am happy it didn’t stop me I didn’t lose sleep and I am still rocking this day.
He has zero reason to hate me but he carries it around so that’s on him and I don’t care what he thinks. His opinion means nothing to me and I made that clear. I think I can finally be done and just not worry anymore.

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Undecided ? Perplexed

I work retail and I am a supervisor and I know stealing is wrong. I don’t like it when people steal from me or lie. Theft  effects our bonus. However, when I have to walk into a room and retrieve the items someone stole and they are sitting there and some have no conscious and I don’t feel bad. But, some look scared and lost and I just feel bad because they are kids and you have no idea why they are doing it. I know I shouldn’t feel bad. I know they know better and I know I shouldn’t care but I know there has to be a reason. Some are so small and I know they were given lists. It breaks my heart. Some children have to sit outside while I go through what has been paid for and what hasn’t been paid for and take that toy away they are holding thinking it was paid for. If I have the money that day I go buy it. I can’t stand to see kids tricked and played and caught in the middle and sadly they are being taught this is Ok. I just don’t know how to feel. I felt awful seeing the kid in high school go away on cuffs. I know I know he did the crime he should go but maybe there was more,to it. He stole food. Maybe there was none and he was trying to feed his brothers and sisters? Still wrong but If he told they would all be taken away. Idk how to feel. Who knows!?

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Wow, who in the Hellooooooooooo Kitty ever said being adult was going to be great was crazy …..oh wait that was me when I was 18!  LOL  There are days I just want to stay in my fort in color or just stay hidden! But then I would get bored and then job we can’t stand we would miss and blah,blah blah blah  … so here we are back it!  Lol it has just been a,day  ….hard to explain ….just so many things  ….they are like hey you are needed here and here and here and here well which one first there’s only one of me! I finally said “I’m tired of adulting okay!”  They all all laughed in their headsets “I said I am going to my fort just kidding where do I start”  lol yes I am a retail supervisor it’s a mad mad mad world I show my crazy in a,silly way…..not all understand but that’s okay,I am,not meant for everyone to like lol

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What I Have Learned!

I run the day! The day doesn’t run me! (Only if I let me) I choose how I let people effect me. I can choose to be pissed or do the Taylor Swift and “Shake it Off” ….now listen I am learning this and I have to stop and think and often sing the the song from “Anger Management “you when in the car “I feel pretty oh so pretty.. ..” lol crazy right effective  though I smile and I shake it off.  After what “M” put me through and what I allowed him too I told myself no more simple as that. As hard as,it might be if people want to get drama with me I simply walk away when,they can come to me and talk to me okay but I don’t have to participate in conflict if I don’t want to. I choose not too. The more negative I allow in my life the more there will be. Right my life is pretty boring lol but happy. I have no drama. I am focusing on me, my kids and what I want. If someone gets sideways I choose to just stop conversing.  I don’t know just my random thoughts again! Lol