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Your Inner Sparkle


This little of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…….!!!!!!!! Do you remember that song!? It never really made sense until now. We all have one though! Some may call it our inner twin, our inner spirit, our super hero, super star just whatever! It’s really just something happy! I like to call think of mine as a “Glitter Princess”.

So here it is. I am the “Princess” Of self-help books. l refuse to drain my friends, and pocket books on people to listen to me so I will drain them on my kindle. I love books though and if they help me see the light then by golly let’s do it!

I want to have a productive life. I am so tired of the negative water drowing out my sparkles and light. It kills everything. It’s like a mess of chaos. I lose at everything. I know at  41 I decided to grow up! So sad. Actually I realized it wasn’t all my fault. I had a huge awakening on 12/15/15 and I decided no more. So here I am funneling through life. I decided to fix the plumbing. If I can lose 140 lbs clear my head of negative thoughts on food. Change the way I see food. Still eat bad food, and keep my weight off then by golly I can change my thought process. I lost all that weight alone. I mean I did read lots of books. Shuffle through books and online forums and blah blah blah but you get the idea.

I still need to tone and I still to fix my thinking on my body issues so maybe this will get butt motivated to complete the rest of my goals! My inner sparkle is dying to get out! When she does come to play this Glitter Princess is so full of life and so amazing and confident.  So this blog is going to be a sparkly glitter fueled map to just that. There are so many people out there who hate themselves for no reason. There are people out there whom we think have it all and really they go home and cry…’s so sad.
I have lost out on so many years of my life and it’s time I start living. Remember ……You are worthy……You are enough…..You deserve it all…….You need to love you!





Humor self confidence

Tonight. ..inspiration. ..depression?

Once again it’s night and the dark thoughts are creeping in. I am fighting them …pew pew pew ….back off evil doers….ugh …you lay in bed and that’s when they hit! But I get to go to the gym tomorrow. …starting the 5 day work out regime holy Hellooooooooooo Kitty …..bring it! I am read I’m ready (I’m my sponge bob voice)…’s my sanctuary of peace ….

I am distraught by lazy workers ….. I am held at a higher standard but they are not. They lie so much you don’t know when to believe them? But, I just focus on me and just go with it. What can you do it is at every job… I just suck it up and go on…eventually I will get my glory

I always try to be kind, and I don’t like two faced people …I know who cares what they think ….I would rather have  honest ass hole or honest bitch then a fake whatever coworker,  friend , just be real. Don’t be talking lies about me ….because I work …look at the videos. Cameras everywhere.

Something about them tables …they always turn…..I keep telling myself that …when people come to me and try to spread rumors I say if it isn’t nice or positive don’t tell me…I am I’m too good of a mood to let it ruin my day …they tell me anyways I laugh and blow it off but at night in the quiet it tries to push through.

  1. I empower people I raise them up! I motivate …I don’t put down or talk bad ….I believe we all have a purpose and it’s finding thst niche that one thing you rock at!