It’s Not That Hard Folks!

I work in the customer service industry! I know I know! Yes , it can totally be stressful, but anything can be stressful if you let it!  It can be a lot harder if you make it harder, here is the key don’t make it harder! Not every customer is going to be happy, you aren’t always going to be happy, but we can’t make it a battle. Helping them is our job! I know it sounds so cliche! But seriously. … help them do your job….follow the rules. Yes, I am a supervisor I work at a huge retailer and I can not stand when they call me and ask me to do something I say do it they argue with me and I am like do it!  I am just a happy person who wants to take care of the customer. I am told satisfy the customer so I do. Now we can not always but guess what I do everything in power before I say no!    It’s not that hard folks!


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