Flowing into 2016!

We all want to start off the year right! We all want leave everything in 2015! Unfortunately,  there are things that have to be carried over. We have to settle, and we have to deal with. Hopefully we can have a better attitude. I got a huge wake-up call 12/14/15. I had a car wreck! I shouldn’t have made it, but I did! I am humbled by it. I am more faithful by it. I am trying to figure out where I fit in, and why I was saved from that wreck?
I am finding a lot of reasons for being blessed with a second chance. By being faithful, I am praying more, reading the bible more,  understanding that there is something truly greater than just me to handle my day to day life. I worry all the time . But, that is easing. I have always been a Christian but never followed a good path. I have been a decent person but now I see a future I see so many things. Please,don’t pass up an opportunity to know God. This was my wake up call! Don’t let your wake up call come to late!



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