It could be we’re all crazy!

There’s always talk “she’s crazy” , and you guys are like “yes ya’ll chicks are crazier than the bricks it takes to build ya!”……omg yes because you are so easy! Lol
The positive posts say “what you think is what you bring in your life” …..well there sir you brought that crazy brick in your life and ma’am you brought the douche Nugget in yours! Lol funny we all dream of psychos boom here they are!  Oh that is funny!
However there is truth to that even if we talk about what we don’t want it’s still talking and here they come. According to the self-help positive thinking books! Then again sometimes people are just beautifully wrapped pieces of poo!
Seriously why are we gals crazy?  ……worry. …we worry about dumb shit which creates more dumb shit that we never even thought of then boom our relationship is over ….or we’re simply paycho? Idk I ain’t  doctor lol ….
No seriously think about we all worry and stress over nothing. …..omg stop it!  
In order for the books to work you must be consistent with the thought patterns. You must always find joy in the sad, positive in the negative,  and think grateful things. Do I think my mailbox is going to be full of checks tomorrow?  Oh my lol no! But I do believe if you set your mind to things they can and will happen! 
The most important book I learned last week I have several copies of where most of the positive books were derived from just they don’t say religion because it wouldn’t sell, hello! The bible.    Seriously , look into. …amazing ….yeah I know the bible but any kind of reading you do to change you….read it ….then meditate over it… that not like prayer?  Are we not thinking over it pondering it …..figuring out how to utilize it? Our crazy wasn’t made in a day so you really have to work to change behaviors. Idk just some funny thoughts I had while on my journey! 



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