Been awhile

I haven’t blogged in forever……I have missed it! So much has happened! So glad to be back! I don’t know where to begin? Things are always changing, daily …. you have to go with the flow! I hate that my son has a learning disability. I really wish I could give him the confidence and the love he needs. Sometimes I just want to go to school with him. I wish I could take him out of public school. I sometimes think that public schools fail our children. It’s not the teachers fault. What used to be 15 kids in a classroom is now almost 30 and they say my son needs it but he does better one on one and in small groups but no one has time. I am at a loss. I could home school him but I would have to pay for a sitter to take care of him during the day while I worked and I can’t afford it. I know home schooling he could excel. I am taking him to a psychiatrist. He has social anxiety and he is making no effort but no one is teaching him to make the effort. So it all falls on me. They sent him to the principal ‘ s office because they thought he had a attitude but he doesn’t he is just blunt and monotone and that traumatized him so now he has no idea how to respond with fear of getting in trouble. I am just at a loss. I feel helpless and feel I am failing him as a parent.


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