Humor self confidence

Tonight. ..inspiration. ..depression?

Once again it’s night and the dark thoughts are creeping in. I am fighting them …pew pew pew ….back off evil doers….ugh …you lay in bed and that’s when they hit! But I get to go to the gym tomorrow. …starting the 5 day work out regime holy Hellooooooooooo Kitty …..bring it! I am read I’m ready (I’m my sponge bob voice)…’s my sanctuary of peace ….

I am distraught by lazy workers ….. I am held at a higher standard but they are not. They lie so much you don’t know when to believe them? But, I just focus on me and just go with it. What can you do it is at every job… I just suck it up and go on…eventually I will get my glory

I always try to be kind, and I don’t like two faced people …I know who cares what they think ….I would rather have  honest ass hole or honest bitch then a fake whatever coworker,  friend , just be real. Don’t be talking lies about me ….because I work …look at the videos. Cameras everywhere.

Something about them tables …they always turn…..I keep telling myself that …when people come to me and try to spread rumors I say if it isn’t nice or positive don’t tell me…I am I’m too good of a mood to let it ruin my day …they tell me anyways I laugh and blow it off but at night in the quiet it tries to push through.

  1. I empower people I raise them up! I motivate …I don’t put down or talk bad ….I believe we all have a purpose and it’s finding thst niche that one thing you rock at!

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