Humor, self-confidence


Today has been good! I am happy! The wonderful “M” text me trying to be but failed. He said I don’t read your texts and I don’t answer your calls and something about filing a restraining order against me. I giggled.
1. We live 2 hours away from each other now. I don’t know where he lives. So not like I am driving by or coming to his house
2. I don’t call him last time I talked to him was 8/6 after I got verbally attacked by messages,on fb and asked him to tell them to quit making fake accounts to message me and I resported,them to fb.  He called me crazy lol me but they made fake fb accounts?
3. I only text him yesterday at 2 pm to say even though you owe me what I consider a lot of money don’t worry about sending it that would mean I need to keep contact and I don’t. So forget and I am done.

I told him show the cops the text I sent and all that information I just sent they will call you coo coo and a cry baby. I think you want drama and because I don’t want you around you are looking for anger. I am done I don’t care where you are in life and what happens to you as long as you leave me alone. So go have a drink ….you are irrelevant. 

I finally stood up for myself what used to hurt my feelings made me laugh and what he said made no sense. You try be nice and they continue to try to berate you thinking you are the awful ones. He just didn’t get it. He is such a narcissistic person. He feels so remorse and sees nothing wrong in what he did.
He wrapped up me up in a drama full circle. He made fun of me he lied to me and about me. He actually had people confront me about being a joke. I have never been so humiliated. He said I was,crazy when I didn’t do anything. He made up so much stuff. It was heart breaking. For once I didn’t deserve any of this. I guess that’s why I have no emotion or feeling for him and doesn’t care what happens to him.
What’s sad is that he will eventually try to contact me. He thinks being mean to me hurts me and makes me cry and I will text and apologize not this time. After what he said and did I won’t I have nothing to apologize for. He did some things that I am trying to forgive him for. I just want him gone. He is deleted now.   I just wanted done and gave him an out thought I was being nice but sometimes no matter how nice you are people will find a,way to be vengeful.
He will see that and reflect. …..
But I am happy it didn’t stop me I didn’t lose sleep and I am still rocking this day.
He has zero reason to hate me but he carries it around so that’s on him and I don’t care what he thinks. His opinion means nothing to me and I made that clear. I think I can finally be done and just not worry anymore.


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