Self love

Love yourself first and foremost. No matter what anyone says never let them take away from who you are. If you like and love who you are don’t let their negative talk effect you. For so long I did. Now I live for me. I love me some me. All my weird  qualities I realize make me awesome. I stayed hidden now I shine!  It is hard I want to be loved bit not at the cost of people hurting me or putting ne down…..I like who I am. Sometimes what they do brings out some negative things that I do, but they don’t want to admit it. So I decided to set boundaries and keep them if I start showing the behavior to walk. I don’t like that about and I should not have to do,that to keep you. We all learn after a relationship ends what not to do for the next. So here I am ready to roll on. I know now that all my failed relationships are not my fault a lot was insecurities and self-esteem and I got this. Love yourself. Don’t let your goals slide for your love either.


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