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Undecided ? Perplexed

I work retail and I am a supervisor and I know stealing is wrong. I don’t like it when people steal from me or lie. Theft  effects our bonus. However, when I have to walk into a room and retrieve the items someone stole and they are sitting there and some have no conscious and I don’t feel bad. But, some look scared and lost and I just feel bad because they are kids and you have no idea why they are doing it. I know I shouldn’t feel bad. I know they know better and I know I shouldn’t care but I know there has to be a reason. Some are so small and I know they were given lists. It breaks my heart. Some children have to sit outside while I go through what has been paid for and what hasn’t been paid for and take that toy away they are holding thinking it was paid for. If I have the money that day I go buy it. I can’t stand to see kids tricked and played and caught in the middle and sadly they are being taught this is Ok. I just don’t know how to feel. I felt awful seeing the kid in high school go away on cuffs. I know I know he did the crime he should go but maybe there was more,to it. He stole food. Maybe there was none and he was trying to feed his brothers and sisters? Still wrong but If he told they would all be taken away. Idk how to feel. Who knows!?


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