Humor, self-confidence


Wow, who in the Hellooooooooooo Kitty ever said being adult was going to be great was crazy …..oh wait that was me when I was 18!  LOL  There are days I just want to stay in my fort in color or just stay hidden! But then I would get bored and then job we can’t stand we would miss and blah,blah blah blah  … so here we are back it!  Lol it has just been a,day  ….hard to explain ….just so many things  ….they are like hey you are needed here and here and here and here well which one first there’s only one of me! I finally said “I’m tired of adulting okay!”  They all all laughed in their headsets “I said I am going to my fort just kidding where do I start”  lol yes I am a retail supervisor it’s a mad mad mad world I show my crazy in a,silly way…..not all understand but that’s okay,I am,not meant for everyone to like lol


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