Humor, self-confidence

What I Have Learned!

I run the day! The day doesn’t run me! (Only if I let me) I choose how I let people effect me. I can choose to be pissed or do the Taylor Swift and “Shake it Off” ….now listen I am learning this and I have to stop and think and often sing the the song from “Anger Management “you when in the car “I feel pretty oh so pretty.. ..” lol crazy right effective  though I smile and I shake it off.  After what “M” put me through and what I allowed him too I told myself no more simple as that. As hard as,it might be if people want to get drama with me I simply walk away when,they can come to me and talk to me okay but I don’t have to participate in conflict if I don’t want to. I choose not too. The more negative I allow in my life the more there will be. Right my life is pretty boring lol but happy. I have no drama. I am focusing on me, my kids and what I want. If someone gets sideways I choose to just stop conversing.  I don’t know just my random thoughts again! Lol


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