Random Thoughts

I am not mad or sad I am just blah! Ever get that way? Like, you are just so tired and no energy no matter how much sleep you get? I have lost so much weight and eat to focus on studying to be a nutrition coach and personal trainer but I have slacked on the gym. Mentally that would help me if I got my booty there I would be so happy but I have no energy I just need to stop and just go! I don’t know what my problem is I have all these thoughts in my head and I just want to run and hide under the covers in my fort lol …..I don’t want to adult who let me adult lol ugh I need just big girl and big girl up and stop and just do  ..stop thinking about and just do it…maybe I am,not eating enough …I  never hungry . ….so many things contribute. …we all have dark thoughts ….I need to just stop and focus lol omg I am blogging a pep talk to myself lol well this is titled Random thoughts I have a friend who wants a gym partner and I am being selfish If anything do it for her right? Stop being a twit!   Ugh okay that’s it I will!  Ugh it starts today no more! 


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts”

  1. Feeling blah? I can totally relate! Usually it’s because I overthink things and then think about how much I’m over thinking them and get upset about the whole thing. I hope you feel better soon. 🙂


    1. You so know me! My mind is constantly going that’s why it was suggested to me to start a blog! It has to be fed! Thank you for the response I have to nurture it with good things and express myself and not internalize so much! Thank you so much for the response I think hitting the gym will help me

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