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My Progress


Here is my progress, sadly in May that was not even my biggest lol…..I decided August 2012 to join a gym. Google became my trainer. I lost me weight with no fancy supplements and no expensive whole foods. I am a “balla on a budget” I wasn’t getting child support when I started and making  $11 an hour single mom never married with 2 kids . My oldest is now 19 but I still help him. I have a 9 yr old now. I do get back child support now and child support now for my youngest it isn’t always consistent but I am now at my goal weight for my height and body make up. I have slacked on the gym. I do walk about 10 miles a day at work according to the pedometer I never sit down except one hour for lunch. I am starting back at the gym I need to build muscles. I am strong I lift constantly at work freight and heavy sruff. I need to do it to release stress. I lost weight on regular foid. Healthy food but food that was meal prepped. It took forever due to stress I worked at a job that was,stressful in a stressful living situation your body reacts to so many things if you let. …left the stressful Job and living situation and the weight fell off. I will explain more later.


2 thoughts on “My Progress”

    1. Thank you so much and you know it is quite amazing what stress can and what it is doing now I went through an ordeal not a relationship idk what a creature not Human no human would do what he did…however more of that later …I actually have the alarm set and hitting it before work it all begins I have a friend at work who really wants to lose a lot of weight I need to stop the selfish train and do it for her she helped so much these months I owe it to her to motivate and help her and help myself! She is younger than me the daughter I never had so I want to help her and this is my chance to help someone and here I go no excuses I do better working out early morning so I’m doing it !


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