I thiink we are all a little nutty!

I think we all have a little “cray cray ” trait in us. I think we all do things that may seem weird or crazy or even nutty as hell to some people. I know people call me crazy and silly because I am hilarious and funny, but I have also been call crazy before because of the way I handled situations. I have PTSD and I shut downs some times and I don’t like to be yelled at or talked to a certain way. I may just start crying. I am a former abuse victim and when people say things to me in a certain way I just cry and can’t stop. It hurts. I have been hurt a lot. I always bounce back! I don’t have time to have break down. I am a single mom and I have to work. I can’t just go check in to a mental place and just get help LOL would be nice right free meds and group therapy LOL no seriously I do get help and I do things to control it but sometimes there are situations that catch me off guard and I just shatter… recently with “M” but you now I survived and here I am living.  But, people call me crazy because they don’t understand. I always try to be kind. I always try to remember we all have a story. The lady that is rude and comes at you hard there is a reason she is like that then calms down and apologizes after the fact. She may been walked on her whole like and by golly no one is doing that to her and when she realizes you aren’t she is quick to apologize. We all have our reasons so as I have grown I have learned to pause and breath and think we are all fighting battles no one knows and I may not understand just like they don’t understand me so I am going to smile and not judge (try my hardest) apologize even when I see I am not at fault because you know what they need it more than I do. Just be kind. I would want that so I am going to give that. Help them bounce back and see we are not all out to harm and hurt like I would want to be shown. Just my thought for the night. “M” really did a number on me. He made fun of me behind my back. I trusted him with things and he destroyed me with his words and told me things that weren’t true and they turned and attacked me verbally. I was shattered. I guess that is why I don’t how to feel. But as stated I am the Princess of Bouncing Back and even if this blog only helps me then by golly it only helps me. Love you some you and be kind to yourself and others we all need it! Good night


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