Let The Fun Begin

Well here I am ta-da!!!!!! In all fan-tab-u-lous glory! LOL I laugh at myself because I am h-larious!  First, I can’t believe I am doing this but I was told by someone this would be good for me because I have so much to say and I love helping people and this would be a good outlet. Okay, fine I will keep it 100 with you my life coach Brenden Dilley told me too! But he also said it would be good for me and all that other stuff! 🙂 I somehow found him on twitter I don’t know how his tweets were so inspiring and then I realized he wrote a book “Still Breathin The Wisdom and Teachings of a Flawed Man” and it was eye opening. I have it on my Kindle App and the hard copy. I tell people about it but never loan it. I was reread it and never loan out my self help books. I don’t read many. This one is very different you should check it out! Or at least his Twitter @Hublife he’s real and raw. I found out on there he did life coaching and it took many tweets for me to get his attention, and I started last summer. I took a break from it and picked back up and I think it did some good for me because I evolved and grew as a person and here I am blogging.

I learned through this process of him helping me that I want to help people. I have a story to tell and think many could relate or possibly just laugh at and if it brightens your day either way hello it’s a win win!  First off if you are a grammar Nazi and want to critique how I write and punctuation please don’t bother. English was never my greatest and therefore I will probably enjoy the sarcastic comments and join in on them! I am all over the place I jump around with thoughts so you have to say “Princess slow it down or wait what happened with this” and I will have to make another post. I am intelligent but dingy it’s just my personality along with many other awesome attributes.

I have lost a person, not as in a ex, although  I have lost one recently (thank you LORD! we will discuss later) but I mean as in weight equal to a person. So this whole being called slender and tiny is like weird! I am not tiny I am tall and still built like a dude. I have broad shoulders. I am proud to say I don’t have loose skin so big ups to that! I was always chunky but had a huge weight gain and no doctor could tell me why! So I just became my own trainer and Google became my friend. I wanted to make this a life change, I was tired of losing and gaining. So here I am maintaining and it’s working …..GO ME!  I love studying and reading up on healthy things and I will share with you all that wonderful stuff later.

I am a talker you can tell by this first post. I can type as fast as I talk and I type like I talk. I have had people say I am crazy for I can send texts so fast. I am sorry that I have that awesome ability to text so fast with nails and not even look at my phone and make no errors.and no I am not lying. When you piss a girl off we are capable of anything. Plus hello I am a girl and mom duh I can talk on the phone type on the computer watch my favorite show help my son aka nugget with homework and still listen to what my oldest is saying on the phone in the other room and get in his butt for being rude and send out texts! Yeah it’s no myth the statement is true “I am a mom, what’s your super power?”  I have been called crazy because I can send a lot of texts in minutes well lets see don’t piss me off for better yet answer the phone so I don’t  have to text all these messages. You act like I like to think about what to say rather than just griping at you? I mean be  a team player……. you would rather hear ding , ding, ding, ding, for like hours instead of taking one phone call and get it over with or better yet responding to a text message and I am the crazy one? I mean geez really?  It’s always got to be my fault and about them when is it ever my turn LOL  okay so maybe I don’t like to be ignored I am all about communication and talking and not hanging up on me. However I am learning that if you hang up on me don’t chase know your worth. Don’t feed the negative. Even though I want to text the crap out of them and call them till they answer yeah that’s crazy but dang it don’t be rude especially when I am being nice and kind … might think there was a reason I got hung up on no not really he was just a attention seeking douche baby who wanted to show he was in control and I showed he was by blowing it up if I left him alone I would have won…..reflecting now he wanted the texts and calls and attention he wanted to call me crazy he says he didn’t but had I left him alone he would have chased me and I would have had the power. See we all learn after the fact “DOH”  Oh well at least I left Douche Bag City.

I will end it here…….there’s nothing you can’t bounce back from trust me I am living proof…….I have been  through so much and you know more and more as the days and weeks go by……. know your worth …….remember you run the day you control how you react to situation….stop breath and think before you respond……we are all fighting battles so try your hardest to be kind.


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